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Legal Translation Services

Legal translation is one of the most challenging fields in translation due to its high level of specificity. The stakes are high, as even a single mistake can alter the course of events and lead to severe financial, commercial, criminal, or other consequences. That's why it's crucial to rely on a trusted and experienced translation agency like TRANSTEC Translation and Localization.


What is legal translation?

Legal translation involves the translation of texts, documents, and papers that fall under the framework of the law. These translations serve multiple purposes, such as submission to official and governmental authorities for notarization and attestation, including birth certificates, marriage and divorce documents, court judgments, lawsuits, academic transcripts, or for legal relationship arrangements, such as protocols, agreements, official powers of attorney, regulations, and bylaws.


Legal translation methods

There are different legal translation methods, but we refer here to the standard approach. Legal translation is carried out by a specialized translator in the legal field with sufficient legal expertise to translate the texts. Then, the translation is reviewed by another legal translator.

Another approach relies on translating the legal text and reviewing it by a lawyer as a legal specialist to ensure the quality of the translated text and provide suggestions for improvement and modification.

At TRANSTEC, we offer certified legal translation services by specialized translators and legal experts with years of experience in the field. We spare you the hassle of searching for a certified legal translator or a legal translation office in Egypt.


Quality standards for legal translation

The challenge facing a competent legal translator is to produce a legal text as part of the legal system in force. Any document translated is considered an official document relied on and attested by the state. Therefore, we at TRANSTEC have set several conditions that must be met by the legal translator we rely on to translate for our valued clients:

  • They must have sufficient knowledge of the laws and regulations in the language they translate from and to.
  • They must be familiar with the legal terminology used in the country they are translating from and to.
  • They must possess the appropriate style and wording to write a legal text that is compatible with the target language and country.
  • They must be aware of cultural differences and the nature of technical documents between countries.


Quality Legal Translation Standards at TRANSTEC

TRANSTEC Translation is one of the few companies in Egypt and the Arab world that has obtained both the ISO 9001 certification for quality management system and the ISO 17100 certification for translation services quality, as well as the ISO 18587 certification for post-editing of machine-translated outputs. Therefore, we prioritize the quality of our translated texts, especially in specialized fields such as legal translation, where a high level of expertise in laws, regulations, and contract writing is required to produce a precise text.

Legal translation requires more than just linguistic skills from translators. It requires a deep understanding of laws and regulations, drafting techniques, and legal document writing to achieve a high level of accuracy.

All our translation processes at TRANSTEC, particularly those involving legal documents, are subject to a high level of confidentiality to ensure the security of your information. We follow a set of quality management procedures to protect your data and ensure that it is not accessed without proper authorization.

We work to standardize our legal terminology by creating databases to cover all basic legal domains, including maritime law, insurance law, commercial law, criminal law, international law, corporate law, tax law, property law, and more.


Legal Translation Process at TRANSTEC

A professional legal translator accurately translates the required legal document or text. Another legal translator then reviews the text after the translation process is complete.

The text is then presented to a professional language editor to ensure that it is free of any spelling or grammatical errors.

Our project manager performs the final review of the text, formats the document correctly, and then delivers it to the client within the specified timeframe.


Certified Legal Translation Services

At TRANSTEC Translation, we offer certified legal translation services for a variety of documents and texts with extreme accuracy and high efficiency. Our legal translators are specialized in the legal field and provide services such as translating laws, regulations, court documents, lawsuits, powers of attorney, meeting minutes, and more.


Legal Translation Prices

TRANSTEC Translation offers competitive prices that suit our valued clients. You can now request a price quote for your documents and texts by filling out a form on our website. Click here to request a price quote.

Obtaining Certified Legal Translation

To obtain certified legal translation for your documents and texts, you can request translation services now through our document translation request page, or you can contact us directly through our contact us page. You can also call or WhatsApp us at +201007502179.

You can send us the required file or document for translation, and one of our project managers will send you a suitable price quote and the expected time frame for the translation process immediately.


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