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Some people may confuse the term "interpretation" with "urgent translation" for documents. Interpretation involves a skilled interpreter conveying the content of speech from a foreign language to the local language of the listener.
At TRANSTEC, we provide interpretation services based on commitment and consideration of the client's interests to the utmost degree, ensuring a dignified image for the event or conference in which we provide interpretation services. Additionally, we offer a wide range of interpretation services, including interpretation from Arabic to English and other languages.
Our interpretation services cover various events, conferences, meetings, and more, ensuring that the client or representative can fully focus on the content of the joint work topics, while we handle the translation of the content, freeing the recipient or listener's mind from any matters other than the subject of the work, conference, or event, to achieve the best results required.

1- Consecutive Translation: Facilitating Communication between Individuals or Small Workgroups
We provide consecutive translation services for individuals or small workgroups that enable the translator to facilitate communication between the speaker and the listeners or attendees, whether between two people or within a group who speak different languages.

2- Simultaneous Translation: Providing Simultaneous Translation Services for Conferences or Meetings
We provide simultaneous translation services for conferences or extended business meetings, in the presence of speakers of more than one language. This type of translation is undoubtedly more challenging than consecutive translation, where the translator sits inside the translation booth and listens to the speaker through headphones, simultaneously listening to and translating the speech, which is then broadcast wirelessly to the headphones worn by the audience.

At TRANSTEC, we provide this type of translation through expert and qualified interpreters, as well as specialized equipment to complete this instant interpretation service to the fullest.

3- Conference Services: All-Inclusive Services for Your Conference Needs
Our conference services include all conference services, including interpretation services (consecutive, simultaneous, whispering), audio and video transcription, and rental of interpretation equipment. Trust us to provide comprehensive solutions for all your conference needs.

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