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What is certified translation?

Certified translation is the translation of documents, certificates, and documentations from one language to another by a certified translation service provider or an entity that has an accreditation from the authorities to which those translated documents are submitted. Certified translations are used by authorities and institutions for official procedures, by submitting them accompanied by the official seal of the translation service provider, with a certification of the accuracy and full conformity of the translation document to the original.


What are the requirements for certified translation?

The requirements for certified translation vary from country to country, as each country has specific conditions for a translation to be certified by its authorities and institutions, to be applicable for use for official procedures. One of the most prominent conditions is that the translator or translation company must provide a statement of responsibility for the accuracy, validity, and conformity of the translated document to the original. Some countries only allow translators designated by the state to provide certified translation services, while other countries allow any qualified translator to provide certified translation services, provided they have the appropriate academic qualifications, which may include membership in a specific translation association or specific academic qualifications.


Certified translation in Egypt

"TRANSTEC Translation Services" provides certified translation services in the Arab Republic of Egypt for various travel, tourism, and business documents, to be submitted to the relevant official authorities. We provide our valued clients with the original document translation along with another copy, signed and stamped by our office, to ensure that no changes are made to the original document, and to be used as needed.


What is the difference between certified and uncertified translation?

Certified translation is the process of translating documents that are submitted to government or official authorities. On the other hand, uncertified translation is not submitted to government or official authorities and does not require a certification. In addition, certified translations are accompanied by the translation company's logo, date of completion, and the signature of the translator or official stamp of the certified translation office.


What are the types of documents that require certified translation?

Certified translation is required for a wide range of documents, including birth certificates, death certificates, articles of association, specifications, employment contracts, marriage contracts, ID cards, visas, graduation certificates, transcripts, experience certificates, entries, medical reports, balance sheets, travel certificates, declarations, commercial registers, commercial agreements, property deeds, criminal records, and banking statements.


Which authorities require certified translation?

Certified translation is submitted to international official authorities and institutions, such as embassies and consulates, as well as to government bodies, such as courts, universities, and others. Examples of such authorities include the Real Estate Authority, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies and consulates, public universities, and the Supreme Council of Universities, the Commercial Registration Authority, and the European Union.


What are the next steps after receiving a translated document?

Once you have received your translated document, it shall be submitted to the official accrediting entity, such as the Real Estate Authority, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Notarization Office, the Consulate or Embassy of the country where the document will be used, in case the purpose is to traveling abroad, or to have it notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Notarization Office before submission to the designated embassy, depending on the requirements and regulations specific to each document or entity involved.


Who needs certified translation services?

Certified translation services benefit individuals, companies, institutions, governmental, and non-governmental organizations. Individuals may need certified translation services when applying for scholarships abroad, immigration, visa applications, and more. Companies may need certified translations for franchise agreements, employment contracts, or any documents related to business exchange or cooperation in various fields. Additionally, institutions and government entities may require translations of economic or population reports or any other type of report issued by international organizations.


Quality Standards for Certified Translations at TRANSTEC

TRANSTEC Translation is one of the few companies in Egypt and the Arab world to hold ISO 9001 certification for quality management system, as well as ISO 17100 certification for translation services quality, and ISO 18587 certification for post-editing of machine translation output.

At TRANSTEC, we adhere to the highest quality standards in the process of certified translation. Our team of skilled and competent translators are familiar with the required terminology. Our translation process undergoes several stages of translation and review by other translators and professional linguistic reviewers to ensure the quality of the translated text. We also do a final review of the text before delivering it to the client.


Certified Translation Services at TRANSTEC

If you're looking for a certified translation office or company in the Arab Republic of Egypt, you've come to the right place. TRANSTEC offers all types of certified translations, including:

  • Commercial Register translation
  • Tax Card translation
  • Criminal Record translation
  • Identification Card translation
  • Passport translation
  • Academic Certificate translation
  • Graduation Certificate translation
  • Birth Certificate translation
  • Death Certificate translation
  • Marriage Certificate/Contract translation
  • Utilities Receipt translation
  • Travel Movement Certificate translation
  • Travel Declaration/Permission translation
  • All other documents requiring certification.


Is TRANSTEC a certified translation service provider for embassies and official authorities?

TRANSTEC Translation is one of the leading certified translation offices in the Arab Republic of Egypt. We provide accreditation for the translated documents throughout the entire ARE, as well as certified translation from embassies and consulates operating in Egypt. For example, we offer certified translation for the US Embassy, UK Embassy, and the Austrian Embassy, and many more.


What is the price for certified translation?

At TRANSTEC, we offer competitive prices that suit our valued clients. You can now get a quote for your documents and papers by submitting a request for a quote form on our website. To request a quote, click here.


Is it possible to get certified translation online?

You can send us the file or document that needs to be translated, and one of our project managers will send you a suitable quote and expected time frame for translating the file immediately.


How do I get certified translation from TRANSTEC?

To get certified translation for your documents and papers, you can request translation now through our Document Translation Request page or contact us directly through our Contact Us page. You can also call or WhatsApp us at +201007502179.


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